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Enterprise CRM Solutions

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CRM - Marketing Automation - IVR - ERP - MRP - BI / Reporting / Analytics - Integration - Data Migration - Data Cleansing - Cloud Migration - Database Management - Post Go-Live Support - Project Audits - System Audits - Project Management - Software Development Services (.Net (C#, VB.Net), Java, SQL)


Enterprise CRM Solutions was created to meet a need for independent and agnostic-driven advice on CRM, ERP & BI solutions and to help clients avoid the jargon, hetfy fees and hype driven by other consultancies about systems can do, eg "this new system can do everything, and no customisations will be needed!".

With experience covering over 20+ industries and nearly every major CRM, ERP and BI solution on the planet, you are in safe hands with us.

Challenges and Future Outlook

"During the pandemic of 2010-12, we noticed extraordinary growth of ECS and wtih amazingly diverse requests from organisations, eg for COVID-19 reports.  Moreever the digitisiation of businesses was pushing our services to the limit, but we were able use this growth in revenue to set up a division (owned by our Group, but run independently of our Australian operations). We have used this growth to step up services into North America with services now offered across the West Coast (Los Angeles, Malibu) and over to the East Coast of America (North Carolina, Miami & New York City).


Our initial interest of expanding into the US stemmed from a trip to the US many years earlier when I was at the time one of the world's leading search engine specialists and had spent time in the US.  Many years later back in Australia, I focussed on data solutions, and later set up a US division of now my new business (a data and systems company - this company (ECS)). After being nominated by the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce for a local award after setting up and being quoted by Forbes magazine in a few articles/posts, it seemed a logical conclusion to commence offereing services to the US.  

Our current outlook is to expand across all of North America and Canada over the next 5-10 years.  A certainly very exciting time to be with our company."  - Benjamin Horin

Management Team

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Benjamin Horin

Ass.Dip Bus (Microcomputing), Dip Law (UK) (In Progress)

Benjamin has had an impressive IT career spanning a range of high-profile Government departments, Not-for-Profit organisatons, Retailers, Utility companies, Health and Ageing businesses and numerous Fortune 500 companies.

His remit over two decades has seen him help deliver wildly diverse data and systems services ranging from data and systems for the Federal Election, data and systems for the music industry, eg PPCA/ARIA Charts/MRA and Sony DADC, delivering Retail solutions to now millions through early work done at Coles and assisting with data and systems for Cranbrook School and The Armidale School (TAS).

 In addition, his remit has been delivered to well over 100 organisations over 20 industry sectors (Banking (Securities, FinTech. Risk/Fraud), Insurance (Private Health, Automotive), Health (Radiology, Weightloss, Aged Care, NDIS), Education, Telecommunications, Retail, Resources (Oil, Aluminium, Steel), Distribution, Shipping, Government (Local, State & Federal), Courts/Justice, Law Enforcement, Automotive, Entertainment (Music), Resorts, Transportation/Aerospace, Defence, Utilities, and a range of other sectors, making him a formidable advisor to whatever sector he takes on.

He is in the process of releasing a series of books focussed on both SQL database development and CRM development after nearly 20 years working with a wide range of leading database and CRM packages and finding an absence of industry-specific books on the subject.

ECS - Staff Past & Present

No company can operate without staff. We thank staff past and present that help things tick over seemingly effortlessly for clients and internally here.

Staff are like family here, so thank you to ;

Guy - Ben - Ray - Claire - Adam - Victor - Johnathan - Anna - Robert - Paul - Soma - James - Brad - Alex - Michael - Ariane - Patricia - Lauren - Alicia - Vikram - Neville - Rohan - Nicholas - Ashten ...

Want to join the team?

We have positions opening up all the time for Business Analysts, Programmers, Assistants, Project Leaders, System Auditors, etc, so email us ;[email protected]


We thank the initial generous bequest of R.G.Fox which helped fund the early stages of our enterprise.

Who was R.G.Fox?  

He was both a US and British military solider, who later became an accountant. Later became the godfather of our founder Ben Horin.

Who was Dr. Nicholas Harris?

We also thank the great efforts of Dr. Nicholas Harris (PhD Economics (University of Sydney), Master of Laws (America University)) advising and mentoring in the areas law and commerce.  With deacdes of prior legal and business experience gained with giants of business, eg News Corp (USA, Australia) he provided exemplary business and legal mentoring to our CEO. (Benjamin Horin).

Who is Benjamin Horin?

Who is Benjamin Horin? He is a descendant of the Horin family which has links back to London, the USA, and Australia various branches of the family (Horin, Smorgon, Ryzman).

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